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Planning the Proposal

So your ready to propose you say.

What should you wear? Where should it be? Is it even the right time? What am I doing on this page anyway?

Test the Waters

We recommend giving little hints if she hasn't already. The worse thing you can do is catch her completely off guard with a proposal. Is it something that both of you want? Make sure it is something you both want.

Buy the perfect Engagement Ring

Women will say as long as you get them a ring they will be happy. Let's be honest; she's always known what she wanted since before she even met you.

Talk to her Parents

Is it still valid to ask her parents for permission? If you feel comfortable or if they are very traditional we would highly recommend this option.

Make it a surprise

Even if she knows its coming make it as much as a surprise as you can. Even if she hates surprises she will still love it.

Be creative

Try to choose a spot where it means something for both of you. Where you met or your favorite spot.

Surprise her by having family and friends share in this moment They could be right there with you, perhaps at a family gathering or holiday dinner. Or, if you'd like the proposal to be just the two of you, you could arrange to have your closest loved ones just out of view, maybe looking on from a nearby vantage point. After you pop the question and she says "yes," wave everyone in for a big group hug and lots of congratulations. It's the best of both worlds — you get a lovely, intimate moment alone and then have all of your favorite people share in your happiness immediately afterwards.

Hire a professional photographer He or she can hang out close to your proposal spot and covertly capture amazing photos of your proposal scene. Expert photographers know how to capture the light, make your setting look even more magical, and position themselves perfectly to get a priceless shot of the look on her face when she realizes what's happening. It's a big trend now to invest in pro photography — these images are way too important to risk losing via dead camera batteries or other mistakes non-pros might make.

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