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Tuxedo Rental Guarantee

The James Guarantee

Promising your tux fits the way you want it to.

Fit Specialist 1-on-1

If you have ever had the luck of renting at one of our stores the first thing you notice when getting measured is that our fit specialist are trained to not needing take your chest and waist measurements.


They just walk out with your coat and pants ready to wear.  Amazing I know! 


That's what you get with over 35 years experience.

So then we created that into a algorithm right here in our local store.  All of the measurements are checked by a fit specialist and if anything seems off , we will give you a call.

Measurement Tape

Still not sure about the algorithm? That's cool. You might want to get measured at your local tailor to find the exact measurements.


Send us a picture of the tailor measurement form and we will refund $5.00 of cost for tailor measuring.  Our fit specialist will still check over your order just to make sure everything is in check.

What if something doesn't fit the way it should?

You get your tuxedo at least a week before your event.  Leaving enough time to send you a replacement or take it to a tailor and we'll cover the bill for minimal adjustments.  No matter what your tux with the way you want to.

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