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Groom's Checklist

The Groom

❒ Chooses his best man and ushers.

❒ Buys the bride’s engagement and wedding rings.

❒ Arranges transportation from church to reception for himself and his bride (unless it is more convenient for the bride and her father to order her transportation.)

❒ Arranges and pays for the honeymoon (though many couples prefer to share the cost.)

The Groom’s Parents

❒ May contribute to the cost of the reception if in agreement with the bride’s parents. Because of the great expense of a big reception, it is more common for the cost to be shared by both sets of parents, or by the parents and the bridal couple.

❒ Pay for rehearsal dinner.

The Best Man

❒ Organizes the bachelor’s party.

❒ Is in charge of the ushers, sees that they know what to do and that they have a seating plan for the family pews.

❒ Pays the church fees on behalf of the groom before the ceremony.

❒ Checks that the groom’s going-away clothes are packed and that all the luggage, including the bride’s, is in the going-away car.

❒ Is responsible for getting the groom dressed and to the church on time.

❒ Flower girls and ring bearers can become bored during a long service.The best man make sure they have a place to sit during the marriage ceremony so they’ll be less likely to fidget.

❒ Waits with the groom in the vestry or wits with him in the front right-hand pew.

❒ On the arrival of the bride, stands on the groom’s right-hand at the chancel steps.

❒ Presents the ring to the groom at the appropriate moment in the service and sees the bride and groom into their car after the service.

❒ Assembles the guests, the wedding photographer, and, if there is no toastmaster, organizes the cutting of the cake and wedding speeches.

❒ Sees that the bride and groom leave the reception in good time to change before going away and ensures that the car is ready.

❒ Looks after the groom’s clothes (returning them if they have been rented.)

The Ushers

❒ Should be relations or close friends of the groom.

❒ Show the guests to their seats.

❒ Should be at the church at least 40 minutes before the ceremony and hand out programs to the guests as they arrive.

❒ Escort the guests from the church after the ceremony, tidy the church, and collect any unused or left-behind programs; check that everyone reaches the reception venue.

The Groom’s Family Pays For:

❒ Church fees (except flowers.)

❒ Bride’s bouquet; attendant’s flowers; mother’s and mother-in-law’s corsages; boutonnieres for himself, best man and ushers.

❒ Engagement and wedding gifts.

❒ Attendants’ and best man’s gifts.

❒ Rehearsal dinner

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