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How to be a great groomsman

Congrats! So, you are going to be helping a friend or a family member at their wedding? But, do you know what to do to be a great groomsman? Follow these easy tips and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Groomsmen Goals


Being a groomsman does not just mean standing next to the groom and waiting on what bridesmaid to hit on. The bride and the groom will invite you to a number of events. You will have to pay for some stuff such as your tuxedo, bachelor party, travel costs related to the wedding and maybe some engagement gifts.


As a groomsman, you are responsible to get fitted for your tuxedo, set up the bachelor party dates, and attend the wedding rehearsal. Being part of the wedding is being expected to be at those events. You will do your best to be at any function possible, and will make sure you let them know ahead of time if you will not be able to attend one.


Make sure you aren't late to any event the bride and groom invite you to. This is obvious, but try to show up early to the event. Whether it be to a tuxedo fitting, a photo session, a bachelor party or of course, the wedding.


In all likelihood, the bride and groom will choose an outfit for you to wear to their wedding. Attend any fittings by the set deadline to allow time for alterations. Check out how to rent tuxedos online in order to save you time and money! And please, don't be that guy that says an unfavorable comment regarding the style chosen. You can choose whatever you like at your wedding - be respectful to their liking.


A pretty exciting part of being a groomsman is the bachelor party and the planning that goes into it. The best man is the one to typically be in charge of the party, but the groomsmen play a major role in planning it as well. Whatever is decided on, be sure to chip in your part.


As a groomsman, you may be asked to give a speech about your relationship to the soon to be newlyweds. Whether it be at the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, be sure to take some time beforehand to jot down what you want to say. This should help you ensure a more successful speech.


The wedding has started, time to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Anything you think we missed let us know in the comments

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