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Getting Married in Spring or Summer?

Still don't know what colors to choose for your spring/summer wedding? Do not worry the James & James Crew has done their research to help you select great combinations for your groomsmen and the groom. Top picks for this upcoming wedding season are color combination such as Sage, Blush and Rose; Aqua, Cream and Blush; Coral, Teal and Peach; French Blue, Gold and Blush; Lavender, Pink and Green.

Classic will never go out of style. You can mix all these combinations with traditional black tuxedo and a white shirt. As pictured to the left. Any color bow tie or tie will match the classic look and will be memorable for years to come. Now if you are looking to change it up from the norm we got looks for you.

New styles arriving in spring go great with most of these combinations. Look at our Greenwich by Ike Behar. One button peak hybrid suit/tuxedo in french blue can be mixed with a nice blush, coral, gold, or teal bow ties and it will look spectacular on your wedding day. This will change up the look of your traditional wedding tuxedo.

Also arriving in spring is the Sandstone Brunswick by Allure. Two button notch hybrid in a sandstone color is great for your coral, gold, blush and green. With a hint of beige and gray in it the groom and his groomsmen will look stunning in this new style.

So you think its a little too much the french blue or sandstone? Another style that would look great with the pastel colors for the upcoming season is the Blake by Ike Behar. This rich navy blue tuxedo with a black satin lapel is perfect for when you want a very classy wedding but still adding the contemporary look to it.

The best thing you can do is stop by our tuxedo shop and get professional help from one of our formal wear specialist. We expect our new styles by late February early March but it is never too soon to take a sneak peak into what is a very special day in your lives.

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